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Mad Consulting Solutions delivers real value to clients by developing relationships built on trust and authenticity.

For almost 25 years, Madeleine has worked with organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to design and implement tailored solutions that meet business challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Starting her career at the Auditor-General’s Department. She progressed quickly into the private sector joining the team at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and then moved into the professional services environment working with several ‘Big 4’ advisory firms providing risk and internal audit services (including ICT related).

“I love working with organisations of all different ‘shapes and sizes’, learning about what they do and helping them achieve their objectives but one thing I had never done was build my own business from the ground up. So, I decided to take advantage of an opportunity (or take a risk) and start Mad Consulting Solutions.”

Mad Consulting Solutions delivers real value to clients by developing relationships built on trust and authenticity. We build these relationships by demonstrating clear and ongoing commitment to clients through the provision of tailored risk and internal audit services. These services help organisations to deliver business strategies based on making informed choices rather than taking chances.

Madeleine believes the ability to communicate, work with people and build capability are critical to achieving goals in both a professional and personal context. Her skills in these areas have proven invaluable in her chosen fields of specialisation – governance, risk management and internal audit. These fields require a significant amount of business understanding and a high degree of consultation to design and implement solutions that deliver sustainable benefits.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Internal Audit Frameworks
  • Supporting Tools
  • Resourcing Structures & Options
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategic & Operation Risk Workshop Facilitation
  • Risk Register & Profile Creating
  • Assurance Map Creation
  • Strategic Internal Audit Planning
  • Internal Audit Project Delivery
  • Business Process Simplification & Controls Improvement
  • Risk Management & Internal Audit
  • Health Checks, Improvement Plans and Training & Mentoring

We also offer Proposal Support Services

“One of my lasting memories from working in the professional services environment, is the 5 pm call to say, ‘The request for tender we’ve been waiting for has just come across my desk and we need to submit a proposal by close of business tomorrow.  Do you think you can work with the team to put something together?'”

This is one of the times when some specialist support with knowledge of the market and the environment would have been the ideal solution. Mad Consulting Solutions can provide this flexibility to your business by working with you to:


  • Understand the tender requirements
  • Mobilise the best team to be a part of the response
  • Assess whether you can meet the requirements
  • Consolidate information to meet the requirements
  • Put together a winning proposal for submission within the timeframe.

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