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MCS can help you create and establish tailored risk management and internal audit solutions that build confidence and help deliver value by focussing on your organisation’s objectives.

Risk Management Frameworks

Establishing a robust Risk Management Framework involves working with all levels of the organisation to understand what you want to achieve and putting the mechanisms in place (including governance, risk and control structures) to help you take advantage of opportunities and meet your objectives.

Internal Audit Frameworks

An Internal Audit Framework is the element of your overarching Risk Management Framework that will provide you with confidence that efficient and effective processes and controls are in place to manage opportunities and risks as they arise.

Supporting Tools

Frameworks need to be supported by key documents, tools and templates (for example, charters, policies, protocols and matrices) that are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and those of external parties.

Resourcing Structures & Options

Working out how to best resource risk management and internal audit activities is a challenging task in an environment where we face ongoing cost pressures. Identifying the options available will help you make the best use of your valuable resources.

Key Performance Indicators

It is said “what you don’t measure, you can’t manage’.  Developing key performance indicators for your risk management and internal audit activities will help you deliver the best results for your organisation.