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Regardless of your stage in the journey, MCS can provide you with specialist support to undertake the tasks required to embed better risk management and internal audit practices.

Strategic & Operational Risk Workshop Facilitation

External facilitation of risk workshops is a great way to kick start’ the implementation of your Risk Management Framework. These will help build a common understanding of the challenges faced and build risk management capability across the organisation.

Risk Register & Profile Creation

Risk Registers and visual Risk Profiles are key outputs from your Risk Management Framework and are ideally used to manage risks on a regular basis. It is important that these tools are simple, easy to use and suited to your organisation’s requirements.

Assurance Map Creation

Organisations are often ‘under the microscope’ from many parties including regulators, external auditors, quality auditors and funders. These activities are designed to provide assurance over the way risks are managed, however, it is important to make sure they are efficiently co-ordinated – Assurance Mapping is a good way to do this.

Strategic Internal Audit Planning

Strategically focussed internal audit activities that are delivered through a risk based plan, can help deliver value to an organisation by identifying the areas that really matter to the achievement of your objectives. When using the right approach and resources, internal audit can provide unique and independent insights into better business practices.

Internal Audit Project Delivery

Internal audit activities can be delivered in many ways, including on an individual or multiple project basis (using outsourced or co-sourced resources). One-off projects can be directed towards specific challenges that your organisation may be facing or where you do not have internal capacity or capability in particular areas.