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By providing new and fresh perspectives on current risk management and internal audit processes, MCS can help make the best use of your valuable resources and investment.

Business Process Simplification & Controls Improvement

Most organisations do not have time to sit back and think ‘what are the key processes that I need to run my business?’. Often this results in poorly designed processes that hinder rather than help achieve your objectives. Process and control simplification can help improve the performance of your organisation.

Risk Management & Internal Audit Health Checks

Fresh and independent perspective on established Risk Management and Internal Audit Frameworks (including consideration of structures, people, processes and technology) can be a good way to demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement across your organisation.

Risk Management & Internal Audit Improvement Plans

Based on the results of a Risk Management or Internal Audit Health Check, the development of an Improvement Plan can provide you with a ‘road map’ of how to further develop and embed risk management and internal audit across your organisation to deliver greater value.

Risk Management & Internal Audit Training & Mentoring

Building internal capability is an ongoing challenge in the risk and internal audit space.  Having access to passionate, highly experienced resources who can develop and deliver tailored training and mentoring to your team may be the ideal solution to deliver the best results from your risk management and internal audit teams.